Accentuate Your Eyelashes with Fashion and Flare

The Jewelry Box features a wide variety of eyelashes, both in strips and individuals. Whether you’re hoping to glam up for an event or want a set of everyday lashes, we have it all at less than $2!

Eyelash Strips - Go Glam!

Jewelry Box offers various lash strips to pull off any look. From dark full lashes to subtly spaced lash lines, our eyelashes are a great option for special occasions, events, work, or an everyday lash boost. While false eyelashes used to be a Hollywood secret that only celebrities could get their hands on, they’re now widely popular, and the Jewelry Box offers many styles at the most affordable prices - all under $2!

Individual Falsies - Customize Your Look!

Many people prefer individual sets of false eyelashes because they tend to look more natural and are customizable. For example, you could apply only a couple of individual lashes to the outer edge of the eyelashes to extend your lash line without the dramatic appearance of an entire set of lashes. This provides the opportunity for more flexible looks over time.

Lashes on Point - All the Time!

Check out our selection of various eyelash styles, lengths, and volumes. We also feature various lash glues and accessories to ensure that your lash experience is smooth and beautiful - regardless of the look you choose!

Online Exclusive- 8 for $8

As an online exclusive buy 8 or more $1.19 eyelash sets or adhesive and you pay $1 for each item, mix and match your favorite #’s and brands.