On-Trend Hair Accessories and Headbands

At the Jewelry Box, we know that hair is as much an expression and a blank canvas as the body with clothing and the face with makeup. Hair is a representation of style and fashion and it can be fun to dress up or experiment with various casual styles.

Dress Up a Short Cut

Pixie cuts and short bobs look extra sleek and dressed up with a chunky headband. Pixie cuts can instantly look glam with a diamond or metallic band.

Ribbons and Bows

Floppy bows and ribbons are an emerging trend and look especially adorable with bangs or side swept layers for a feminine but not overly glam style.

The Perfect Addition to an Updo

Low braids and chignons look even sleeker with a thick embellished headband. Crystals and patterns can dress up an otherwise plain jane ponytail, bun, or other updo. A few bobby pins can help to keep this style secure.

Make a Bold Statement

Statement headbands are much like statement jewelry - keep the rest of your look simple, and go crazy on the headband. With this look, there’s really no need for jewelry!

Keep it Low-Key

For an everyday casual look with a bit of style, a stretchy jersey headband is fun without glamour. These styles are perfect for casual looks, and can add style to an otherwise plain hairstyle.

Pull off Any Style with the Ultimate Accessory

At the Jewelry Box, we know that your style changes often, and with our extensive $1 hair collection you can have a new option daily. Make every day a good hair day!