Sunglasses for Every Occasion - Only $1 and up

The Jewelry Box features everyday classic shades like wayfarers and aviators in black and brown as well as various bold styles like cat eyes and fun patterns. Have a pair for every occasion and don’t break the bank!

Classic Everyday Shades

Aviators, wayfarers, and shield sunglasses are all popular styles for everyday wear, and compliment any outfit year-round. Make sure you have a variety of classic sunglasses looks so you can choose which goes best with different outfits and styles. We make it easy for you to have options!

Look Fabulous All Year Long!

No ensemble is complete without shades, even in the winter! We make it possible to choose a different set of sunglasses for every look. Peruse our selection of various styles and trends, and make sure you stock up on all the latest styles!