All About Luck

All About Luck

All About Luck

Today we will talk about an ever popular and growing collection in our stores and now online, our good luck jewelry. We carry a wide variety of good luck charm jewelry, while the charms may vary they all encourage positive vibes and luck. 

Our favorite good luck charm would be the hamsa hand (or hamesh hand), this amulet is widely used for protection against the envious or evil eye. The words hamsa (or hamesh) means five as in the number of digits on the hand. Since the hamsa hand protects against the evil eye on some occasions it will feature an eye design on its palm, doubling as the eye-in-hand amulet.



The Ankh amulet is another good luck charmed commonly found in our jewelry & key chains, perhaps one of the most widely known Egyptian amulets with its "looped cross" the ankh amulet is said to bring the bearer good luck and fortune. 

Wooden Ankh Necklace

Finally among our good luck charm jewelry & key chains you will find a collection of religious amulets. Among these you will find Saint Benedict, depicted as holding a cross in the right hand and the Holy Rule in the left. Saint Benedict's medal & image is said to protect against evil spirits & the evil eye.

St. Benedict Bead Bracelet

All these good luck charms & amulets work best when they are received as gifts from someone who cares about you, so why not grab a few for your friends and family. Make sure to let them know you would love to receive one yourself.