Applying False Eyelashes Made Easy

Applying False Eyelashes Made Easy

Applying False Eyelashes Made Easy

woman holding up fake eyelash to her eye

Ladies, you know we love the look of a good set of falsies. We love the boost of volume and rich color that it adds to our own eyelashes. Applying these lashes simply enhances the beauty we already possess. Check out these expert hacks that can make applying falsies a breeze! Take a moment to find out for yourself!

Have the Right Supplies Ready

Many women don’t realize that applying false eyelashes takes prep time. This process takes more than just a bit of dabbing glue and pressing them onto the lash line. First of all, be sure to line up all your tools. We have everything you need at Shop Cherrie and all starting at just $1!

This includes:

  • Eyelashes
  • Glue
  • Tweezers
  • Makeup Brush
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Mirror
  • Scissors

Once you have everything laid out, be sure that you give yourself enough time to get the process done right. The first couple of times will take longer. However, as you get used to your new eyelashes, it will get easier and quicker.

Prep and Apply Your Eyelashes

The next thing you want to do is get your lashes ready with these easy to follow steps.

  1. Trim - Carefully peel the lashes one at a time from the box. Measure them one at a time against your eyes. If they are too long you will struggle to position them just right. Be sure to trim them to the right size.
  2. Wrap - Wrap the lashes around a makeup brush to give them a more curved shape. This will also make application much easier. You only need to leave them wrapped for two to three minutes.
  3. Apply Makeup - While you are waiting on the lashes to hold their shape apply your eyeliner and mascara as usual. Some women like to apply mascara after to the false lashes instead. You can try both methods and see what you like better. Applying eyeliner beforehand will hide the lash line and glue.
  4. Position Mirror - Be sure to have your mirror ready in the right position. This can be so that you can look down into the mirror or straight ahead. Try both methods and see what you like better.
  5. Apply Glue - Applying glue to the eyelashes is a big part of getting this process right. It is important to apply an even thick line. Then, let the glue dry for about one minute. This will ensure the glue is sticky but not goopy. It will also give more room to make small adjustments.
  6. Apply Lashes - Next, use tweezers to apply the lashes to the eyes right about your natural lashes. Then add touch up liner and mascara as necessary.

Find the Right Lashes

If you are going to add eyelashes to your daily beauty routine, you will want to find quality lashes at a good price. Visiting Shop Cherrie online and finding these little beauties for $1.29 each can take your beauty routine to the next level. Check out our selection online or visit us today!