Epielle Cartoon Mask

$ 1.49

Epielle Cartoon Mask- replenishes, moisturizes, and re-balances dull and dehydrated skin. 1 mask /0.8FL OZ (23mL) For all skin types.

Otter Mask: Hydrating & Brightening

  • Hyaluronic Acid and Multi-Vitamin Essence

Panda Mask: Nourishing & Firming

  • Botanical Extract and Herbal Essence

Llama Mask: Calming & Toning

  • Lavender and Protein Extract

Cheetah Mask: Moisturizing & Lifting

  • Collagen and Fruit Extract

Mermaid Mask: Glowing & Hydrating

  • Floral Essence and Blue Marine Complex

Unicorn Mask: Purifying & Soothing

  • Botanical & Extract and Alaska Glacier Water