Hot Nail Polish Trends for 2018

Hot Nail Polish Trends for 2018

Hot Nail Polish Trends for 2018

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We’re already days deep into 2018 and we have some great things looking up for us, including hot new nail polish trends. These trends are bold, colorful, sophisticated, and funky—whatever you’re in the mood for. At The Jewelry Box, we carry over 200 shades of nail polish, giving you more variety than just about any other store out there. With all of these options, you can take advantage of hot polish trends and create your own style - all for $1!

Trend #1: The Single Stripe

There’s a lot of artistic power in a single stripe, which is one of the hottest trends for 2018. Soft pinks, blues, and grays, and one stripe of another color. The stripe can cut across vertically or horizontally, or you can even paint along your cuticles. For an even bolder look, you can do this on only one nail per hand.

Trend #2: Sharp and Bold

Long, sharply filed nails painted with bold, neon colors is a trend that started a while back but shows no sign of stopping in 2018. From bright greens and neon oranges to deep blues and blazing yellows, every color is fair game. Paint your nails a uniform color or give each one its own color. Whatever you decide, we have the color selection needed to achieve this popular look.

Trend #3: Soft, Dark, Bold Grays

Gray is in. Whether you want a dark, mystic gray to catch the eye or a soft, feminine gray to match with bright spring colors, the look will be in style.

Trend #4: Rhinestones

This trend has been around for ages but has really grown in popularity just in time for 2018. The color is up to you, so whether you want a sparkly black or a bright pink, rhinestones will still look great. Rhinestones can easily be applied to any of the nail polishes we have to offer.

Trend #5: Glitter and Metallics

We all want to sparkle and shine, and our nail polish can help us do so! From metallic pinks and grays to silver and blue glitter polish, we’ve got you covered.

Trend #6: Getting Creative

We’ve come a long way in the nail polish industry and now, the trend is to be as creative as you want to be. Bright colors, dark shades, and even flower rhinestones: whatever you choose, do so in your own style and get creative with it.

At The Jewelry Box, our wide selection of nail polish colors ensures you never have to get bored with how your nails look - and all the colors are $1! Check out our selection online or stop by our store today!