How Past Trends Pave the Way for Modern Makeup Styles

How Past Trends Pave the Way for Modern Makeup Styles

How Past Trends Pave the Way for Modern Makeup Styles

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Almost like clockwork, a new year brings about a few new things that we as a society have come to expect. A new Netflix show that will get everyone talking, a new lineup of iPhones, and, of course, new makeup trends. Which new makeup trends will help you look your best while taking selfies with your best friends on your new iPhones? Perhaps this year’s trends mirror those from years past. Or are there new trends that are coming out of left field? Read on to find out!

Does the 30-Year Pop Culture Cycle Apply to Makeup?

In general, pop culture trends tend to work on 30-year cycles. There’s actually a reason why today’s most popular movies, tv shows and songs seems to be steeped in 80’s nostalgia. Stranger Things, IT, King Kong, Bruno Mars, you name it. If it’s popular, it’s more-than-likely a throwback to the 80’s which was 30 years ago. This cycle has been present in American pop culture for years and years. Remember That 70’s Show? Since it aired during the early 2000s, it’s a perfect example of the 30-year cycle.

The Top Eyeliner Trend for 2018

But does this cycle carry on to other popular things like makeup and hair styles? Before you go ahead and crimp or feather your hair, you should take a few minutes to read ahead. You see, the makeup styles from the 80’s were very vibrant and exuberant. If that’s what you’re going for, then go ahead and use that 80’s nostalgia to the fullest. For many, these looks might be a bit too much to deal with. Heavy mascara, pink and purple eyeshadow, and heavy blush might’ve seemed completely normal in the 80’s but today it might give off unwarranted vibes.

This doesn’t mean, however, that every look from the 80’s was bad. In fact, one of the hottest makeup trends for 2018 is black eyeliner. Not just any simple, thin black eyeliner but dramatic, thick eyeliner on both lashlines. This will bring focus to the eyes while creating a striking, yet concise look that will be both modern and timeless. You can snag anything you need for this look all for under $1 at the Jewelry Box!

Don’t Go Crazy!

Be careful to not get carried away with the black eyeliner. Once the 30-year pendulum swings once more, the young generation of the 2030’s will have to deal with terribly straightened bangs, tight jeans, and #TooMuchEyeliner. But don’t let us tell you what makeup to use. When you visit the Jewelry Box or our website, you’ll be able to find all sorts of makeup and accessories to make your look come to life, whether it’s inspired by the 80’s, early 2000’s or today’s newest trends! All for $1!