Step Up Your Beauty Routine With New Makeup!

Step Up Your Beauty Routine With New Makeup!

Step Up Your Beauty Routine With New Makeup!


It isn’t a widely known fact that makeup has a shelf life. Most products don’t last more than six months to a year, at the most. However, there are women who still have products in their makeup bag from 2005! This simply isn’t acceptable. These items start to crack and crease when worn and don’t provide the same coverage. Colors also change. This is especially bad for concealer and foundation. Nail polish tends to separate and change colors as well.

Replace Makeup and Nail Polish Regularly

The best thing you can do is replace your makeup and nail polish often. It is great to try out new colors and products, but if you end up disliking them, throw them out or pass them onto a friend. When you only hold on to the items you really like, you are more likely to use them up and get your money’s worth.

Buy $1.00 Makeup Items

It’s quite easy to try out new products and find out what you really like when you buy $1.00 makeup and nail polish. You can test our new colors with your skin tone. It’s also possible to browse through many brands to find out what works best for you. Whether you like to stock up on different shades of lipstick, or you want to try out new blushes, it is possible! With $1.00 makeup items you can also keep a wide variety of nail polish shades to create awesome designs and match with any outfit in your wardrobe.

Skin Care Products Are Important

The makeup and nail polish are the fun part. All too often, women forget that skin care is important too. Using the right cleanser and toner for your skin type can make a huge difference. There are other products that can help clear up acne and create a more even skin tone like moisturizing lotions, masks and more. When you only have to pay $1.00 for these products it makes it even easier to try things and find out what is perfect for your skin type.

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