Summer Ready home Manicure and Pedicure

Summer Ready home Manicure and Pedicure

Summer Ready home Manicure and Pedicure

Keep your nails clean and pretty at home by doing a home manicure.

Begin by removing cuticles with the Cala cuticle clippers.

Then with the Cala Salon boards you can shape your nails beautifully. They are heavy duty files, used to shape natural and artificial nails.

Once you file and shape your nails you can brush off any file left over with the Cala Nail brush. After brushing off any resins from your nails, you can buff and give your nails shine with the Cala Super shiner buffer bar, it will give your nails a healthy shiny and smooth look.

To keep your feet smooth and fresh at home, begin by putting on the Cala toe separators, it makes it easier to work through toes and hard to reach spots. Once the toe separators are on, you can proceed by using the Cala nail clipper and Emery board set.

Clip your toe nails to re shape your nail, and then file your toe nails with the emery board. You can use the Cala super shine buffer bar to give your nail strength and shine.

 After clipping and shaping and buffing your toe nails, move on to the rest of the foot. Using the Cala Oval pumice stone, soak the stone and gently rub in circular motion to rid of calloused rough skin.

Once your feet are smooth you can rinse the stone, don’t forget to rinse after each use to make it reusable.